2017 Master of Fine Arts, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Rewordings, Summer workshop at Umeå Art Academy with Tris Vonna Michel.

2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand



2019 Cast Movements: Leitmotif, Mason’s Screen, Wellington, New Zealand.

2016  Silver Tea, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.

2015  The Rise/Demise of the Studio Apartment, Rolfsgatan 1, Malmö, Sweden.

2010  LIMBS, Physics Room Kiosk, Christchurch, New Zealand.

2009 Waterfront Morals/Fatherly Functions, Florence Wild & Clara Chon, Window Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

2009 Dove Tail Joint, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

2008 Modern Love, Ash Kilmartin & Florence Wild, Rm 103, Auckland, New Zealand.


2019 Group show curated by Alva Willemark, Hackås Maskin & Kultur, Hackås, Sweden.

2019 Vårschäslong 2019, Galleri Slätten, Malmö, Sweden.

2019 Crumb, Crum Heaven, Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 Utställning Nr. 1, Arkivet för temporär konst, Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 Mesh - A Nordic Video Art Marathon, Galleri CC, Malmö, Sweden.

2017 Silver Tea Suite, Konstfack Degree Show, Stockholm, Sweden.

2017 Impasse Finesse Neverness, curated by Daniel Saboía. Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da UFBA, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

2016 Ashken/Drawbridge/Lindsay/Wild 3-Generation Family Survey, Bowen House, Wellington, New Zealand.

2016 parallel lines, Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå, Sweden.

2016 It Felt So Good Up There, Platform, Stockholm, Sweden.

2015 Attempted Psychokinetic Connections to Clouds, Callum Harper, Erik Malmsten, Johanna Stillman, Florence Wild, Alva Willemark, Galleri Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.

2013 Circuit, Eleanor Cooper, Signe Rose, Harriet Stockman, Florence Wild, RM, Auckland, New Zealand.


2017 Ensemble Piece, Konstfack MFA essay, Florence Wild

2016 parallel lines, Ellen Norlund, Florence Wild, Helle Lindskog, Jesper Henningsson, Jessika Björhn, Linda Morell, Maja Melsted, Sara Annsofidotter. Umeå, Sweden.

2015 Sundries vol.1 /Malmö, Florence Wild.

2009 Things You Would Find in Libraries, Fiona Connor with Ash Kilmartin and Florence Wild, featuring Tim Coster, Amelia Harris and Mythily Meher.

2008 Itinerant Press – A response to Wandering Lines, SCAPE Biennial of Public Art 2008, Christchurch, New Zealand. Ash Kilmartin, Charles Ninow, Casey O’Connell, Florence Wild.


2019 (Working title) Visiting, accompanying text for the exhibition Arbetstitel by Katarina Lundberg, Ingela S Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 Simon. Sounds like Summon, and like Someone, Intransitive Journal, (online)

2018 Con affetto, accompanying text for Giulia Cairone, Konstfack degree show 2018, (online)

2018 Ode to the oarfish, accompanying text for Giulia Cairone at International Exchange Show Sweden-Japan 2018, ArtLab Tokyo, Japan.

2018 Moonlighting at the Dept. of Ways and Means, accompanying text for Dept. of Ways and Means, Katarina Sylvan & Richard Krantz, Platform Stockholm.

2017 Cast Movements: Refrain, as part of the exhibition Silver Tea Suite.

2016 Silver Tea Posters I-III, as part of the exhibition Silver Tea.

2015 Roy Orbison’s Types of Dreams, Brief #52.

2015 Looking for the Hook, Brief #52.

2014 Albatross (or how I get around), Brief #51: The Outer Link.

2013 About a boy, accompanying text for Dance Yourself Clean, Charles Ninow, Ozlyn Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

2012 If the wind changes your face will stay that way, Magasine #1.

2011 Snow, accompanying text for Rain: a one-day sculpture garden, Ash Kilmartin, Melbourne, Australia.


2018 The Spectral Metaphor, Konstfack Research Week 2018, co-ordinated with Luis Berríos-Negron.

2017 Impasse Finesse Neverness, Konstfack Research Week 2017, as part of the workshop/exhibition/publication Impasse Finesse Neverness.


2017 Konstfack Stipend, Institution för Konst


Konsten som process by Freddie Ross

Brilliantly Evocative by John Hurrell

Nice surprises by John Hurrell