Maiden consists of three elements: a rope of knitted fishing line, a ring of meshed metal, a bag of knitted elastic. The form is specific to the site in which it is exhibited, and change each time it is shown.

The work weaves together associations between labour, endeavour, femininity and fiction as methods of escape and survival. I think of ‘The Bride’ in Marcel Duchamp’s The Large Glass - a body or figure, of different parts, made of other things. But here ‘The Bride’ is not in the heavens, in her ‘domain’, but anchored, fastened like a belt, to the world around us.

Maiden is a word that seemed to follow me around - from my home on Jungfrudansen, to growing my hair long while knitting the rope-like tube. Maiden as a word from the sport of Cricket, yet seen also as a casting off, leaving, for the first time, a maiden voyage. And as a play on words: Maiden, as made in: made in studio, made in the artist, made in a practice.

The ‘rope’ of Maiden will continue to lengthen and be added to as an ongoing expression of my artistic practice.

Maiden made of: Hand-knitted fishing line, elastic, metal mesh samples salvaged from a disassembled materialbibliotek (material library).


Exhibited at the group show Crumb, Crum Heaven, Stockholm, April 2019.

Curated by Aleksandrs Abens, Joran Stamatakakos & Florence Wild.

With Olle Helin, Maria Hilmersson-Landgren, Jenny Norberg, Mattias Pettersson, Oli Svenblad, Jesper Vesterlund, Alva Willemark, Florence Wild.