Only at night was it I


35 mm slide projection, single channel audio, filmjölk

09:28 min

On the night of June 18 2016, the sun was below the horizon for three hours and thirteen minutes, corresponding exactly to the running time of Jacques Rivette's 1974 film Celine and Julie Go Boating. This film was projected during this darkness, acting as a provisional light source. This performative gesture is the starting point in the installation Only at night was it I and the accompanying text Every movement brings peril, exploring ways unnatural light affects senses as a stranger in a strange land.

Filmjölk shrouded the windows, creating a half-light: the disintegration of the window as a portal and platform for projection and transportation; the reiteration of the construct of the slide frame and the slide projector as a vessel for removal from one's place and one's time; a distruption. The windows of the space are decommissioned as a new window, a new source of light and image, is activated.


Documentation by Jessika Björhn, Florence Wild and Tris Vonna-Michell.