Dove Tail Joint


embroidery thread, jute, newsprint, acrylic, found frames, found parachute, cotton thread, rope, cassette tape nails


Rejointed by Molly Samsell

Accompanying text from Dove Tail Joint


Waterfront Morals


embroidery thread, jute, lemon juice, newsprint, heat

Window, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ

Window Online: The Faecesbook Slideshow, facebook graffiti wall works by Florence Wild and Clara Chon, curated by Mythily Meher.


...the Crocker Land mirage could symbolise the loneliness of the sea in another way. It is almost like a delusion instead of an illusion, something Donald Crowhurst may have imagined seeing, to convince himself of his sanity (or lack thereof). The sense of false hope a mirage can cause, just like how a weary traveller in the desert believes the mirage he is seeing is an oasis, it is uncanny how it appears to take the form of the thing one most desires, and the opposite of what is actually there - in the desert one believes he is seeing water, whereas at sea, one thinks he has sighted land.
- notes from my journal on Crocker Land and mirages.

The love I saw in you was just a mirage



embroidery on shower curtain

as seen in Circuits, with Signe Rose, Harriet Stockman and Eleanor Cooper, RM, Auckland, NZ

first image courtesy of


Elvis Lives! (In a Silent Way)


cassette tape,fishing line, touch lights

as part of Elam Art Upfront




nylon stockings, felt pen, wire coathanger

Physics Room Kiosk, Christchurch, NZ


prosthetics. faux bois. artificial limb. stumpy. peg leg. wooden leg.

pairs of wooden legs like detachable limbs. turning a sea of legs into a wood of limbs.

Chameleon like, camouflage. enabling one to blend in to their surrounds and then peeled off like a discarded skin.

faux bois, tacky and fake, a woody façade. fashionably kitsch, false wood for a false leg.

norwegian wood like the cheap panelling found in cheap british flats. like the beatles song and the murakami book, which always remind me of the way girlsused to hang their stockings up to dry in the bathroom after being washed. and the way one would undo their prosthetic before going to bed.

apparently, when paul mccartney was married to heather mills, the dog would sleep on the floor next to the bed on paul’s side, and heather’s false leg would sleep on hers.


Purple Reign (From Prince to Queen and back again)


digital projection of images from Life Magazines' archives

as part of Magazine (edited by Tahi Moore), Gambia Castle, Auckland, NZ


Modern Love

with Ash Kilmartin


Colin Wilson in conversation with Allan Wild



Love Letters


single channel video, audio

Harp by Clara Chon

You were at the wrong place at the right time

BFA graduation show, 2008

cotton, jute, chess table made by my father, vinyl adhesive, papier maché, cardboard, paper, ink, cassette tape, nails, acrylic paint, found wooden frames, chalk, found chalkboard.

Dimensions variable