sample of the musical piece Cast Movements: Bridge, 2017, mono audio, 15 min 46 sec, looped, by Kjell Fredrik Eriksson, who was given the text Cast Movements and asked to read or translate the text into music. I took the same text as a starting point to a visual interpretation, which became Cast Movements: Leitmotif (2017).

Photos by Tomas Sinkevicius.




Shangri-La Noir, filmjölk painted roller blinds with window and pine air freshener

Abulon (Avalon), hand-knitted fishing line material with 80's Ikea valet stand

Cast Movements: Leitmotif, video projection

Cast Movements: Bridge, with Kjell Fredrik Eriksson. Sound,speaker and hand-knitted elastic cover

Cast Movements: Refrain, collection of 6 postcards, edition of 50.

Materials: hand-knitted fishing line, found 1980's IKEA valet stand, filmjölk (3%), blue food colouring, citronella oil, roller blinds, wall railings, pine scented liquid air freshener, glass, nylon elastic thread, speaker, mp3 audio (looped), stereo receiver, guitar, video projection (silent, looped), water, detergent, sugar, set of 6 postcards (edition of 50), postcard holder


Silver Tea Suite presents five works from a larger ensemble, where repetitive processes, recurring imagery and acts of translation or transmutation are common motifs surrounding the works. Time and language are an essence and a material, constructs that are molded and reformed. Materials are found in the every day, often from domestic or leisure activities, but are used in unfamiliar ways. Function is rendered as an absurdity: hand knitted fishing line blows bubbles, coloured and scented filmjölk become venetian blinds. The repeated gestures infuse these materials with meaning, while simultaneously stripping it away.

Time is seen in fragments as physical actions. Passive and active through the labour intensive processes which gather and make visible time frames, in moments of observation. Both are acts of contemplation. Surfaces are reflective and dissolving, temporal and recurring and fragile, quivering and bursting like blown bubbles.

Time is manipulated through the seemingly endless knitted stitches, the multi-layered and textured guitar tracks, and looping video that disappears on the the wall it is projected upon. I think about how time passes, activities of accumulation that transform time, and allow the mind to wander. Where time encompasses physical movements. That time that passes is lost time, or wasted, some kind of emptiness or nothing. I see this emptiness as physical, as inhabiting a space, a taking up of space, as sound does, as the act of breathing or blowing.

To translate implies movement, and a sense of being between things. These sculptures all rest in in-between spaces, and between materials. Cast Movements is a collective name for three moments of translation, from text simultaneously into music and moving image, between two bodies, my partner Kjell Fredrik Eriksson and myself. Words become vibrations, bubbles become architectural, foodstuffs become screens, processes become cycles and vigils. I always return to the title, Silver Tea, and that initial act of translation, a misnomer, the separation of the object itself and the word that signifies it. Silver Tea is a cup of hot water. Neither silver, nor tea. The phrase is imbued with a magic beyond the sum of its parts, and in doing so undergoes a transformation into something mysterious and outside of the everyday.