dröm dikt

Dream baby

In dreams

Sweet dreams

Dream baby (how long must I dream)


All I have to do is dream

Beautiful dreamer

Big as I can dream

When I stop dreaming

(All I can do is) Dream You

Afraid to Sleep 

In the real world

Roy Orbison’s dream


Afraid to sleep.


how long must I dream

in dreams / in the real world

all I can do is dream. Dream you,

Dream baby.

in dreams

all I can do is dream you

beautiful dreamer

All I have to do is dream-



as I can dream

In dreams

In the real world

When I stop dreaming

 sweet dreams

(how long must I dream?)

Roy Orbison's dream - a poem/text work built of Roy's song titles mentioning dreams. An experiment in  words which straddles that thin crevasse between song and poetry. The word 'dream' now appears completely foreign too me. As when one repeats a word aloud too and it loses any meaning, reverting back to just sounds. It seems this can happen with written words as well. Too many dreams, Roy, too many dreams.